Biosolution Designs

BSD is a biotechnology invention studio developing Tools for Therapies and Multigenic Therapeutics.

About BSD

BioSolution Designs is a biotechnology invention studio designed to create the next generation of technologies required for advanced gene and cell therapies. BSD internally invents technology platforms and products while spinning out therapeutics-focused subsidiaries to start treating complex multi-gene diseases.

Our Leadership

Dr. Thomas Reed

Dr. Thomas Reed

Founder & CEO

Dr. Thomas Reed was a founder of Genomatix, which became the publicly traded company Intrexon, and is now known as Precigen. Dr. Reed served as Chief Science Officer of Intrexon for over 20 years and launched BioSolution Designs in April 2020.

Sam Glickstein

Sam Glickstein

Chief Operations Officer

Sam Glickstein combines his business expertise, acquired from companies ranging from startups to corporate entities, with his background in biology and environmental studies. His biology background and entrepreneurial experiences give him the ability to bridge the gap between science and the market, a crucial role in the biotechnology industry. His past experiences include leading roles in various agricultural and biotech companies, including hydroponic farming, insect rearing, and protein biotechnology. Mr. Glickstein will lead BSD’s business management, aiding in the day-to-day operations and organization of the core business activities. 

Shruti Abbato

Chief Development Officer

Shruti Abbato brings a wealth of biotechnology experience to the Team having worked in Senior & C-Suite business development roles in biotechnology. Her esteemed career spans companies like Merk, Human Genome Sciences, Maxcyte, and Saliogen. She comes fully equipped to the BSD team as our Chief Development Officer to bring the vision for gene and cell therapy to fruition.

BioSolution Designs was founded in 2020 by Dr. Thomas D. Reed, who has over twenty years of entrepreneurial biotech leadership experience.